6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

107 Project author: Phoebe Mankiewicz, Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture, New Heaven, CT, USA. Rethinking the enclosure of buildings The Holcim Awards jury North America recognized that the proposal relies on a significant amount of research work. If benefits for human health provided by the vegetation are well known, what was found interesting in this proposal is the ambition to use building-integrated plants to combine the notion of ecology with justice and social inclusion. The integration of the vegetation into a modular system is visually very convincing and offers the opportunity to rethink the enclosure of our buildings in a more sustainable way. Furthermore, the modularity of the structure allows for a multi-scale application of the components and, therefore, for a wide flexibility and adaptability of the project. “Using the wall as a resource for community members to re-foliate their neighborhoods” Phoebe Mankiewicz buildings related to the use of mechanical and physio-chemical air handling systems. The project envisages the installation of such structures especially in troublesome districts where vegetation can help tackle communities’ problems linked to poor air quality, nutrition and lack of educational opportunities.