Foundations 1

Learning by doing – and by sharing experience: Holcim CEO Markus Akermann in an interview Foundations 1 Holcim Foundation The construction industry affects life not only now but also in the future. Everything we build today consumes our planet’s finite re- sources such as energy and space. What we build influences the way we live, how we move, how we work, and how we inter- act with one another. Every planner, engineer, and ar- chitect today faces the same questions: How can I build my projects with the lowest possible resource consumption and at the same time provide the best qua- lity of life for people today and tomorrow? How do I design and build in the most sustainable way? As a leading global producer of construction materials Holcim faces these questions every day. Holcim established the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Con- struction in December 2003 to take a more active role in the discussion and directly promote A better quality of life – in the future too Newspaper of the Holcim Foundation for Sustain ble Construction f r employees of the Holcim Group June 3 2004 The Board of the Holcim Foundation: Markus Akermann, Alexander Biner, Hans-Rudolf Schalcher, Claude Fussler, Roland Walker and Urs Bieri (from left to right). Absent: Marc Angélil. Read more on page 7. sustainable construction. The most prominent activity of the Holcim Foundation is the global Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction, a global competi- tion that recognizes outstanding construction projects. The Holcim Foundation also works together with renowned technical univer- sities to hold conferences that promote the academic investiga- tion of sustainability in building. “Foundations” will outline the aims of the Holcim Foundation and keep you updated on its activities. Page 2 School of thought: Our partners are specialists from leading technical universities Page 10 Holcim Foundation website takes sustainable construction online Page 4 Why was the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction established?