Secondary school with passive ventilation system in Burkina Faso

Secondary school with passive ventilation system Diébédo Francis Kéré Gando, Burkina Faso 1 Siteplan 1:2500 N 0 50 100 250 old school teachers housing school extension library women association center secondary school primary school traditional compounds well market mosque vegetable garden private house catholic chapel protestant chapel Phase 4 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Burkina Faso is amongst the poorest countries in the world. The village Gando - 5000 inhabitants - is situated 200 km from Burkina Faso’s capital Oua- gadougou. Like many villages in West Africa, Gando suffers from the effects of globalisation. Whoever is born there, has little chance of accessing modern education. With an illiteracy rate of over 80 % the majority of the people has no alternative than agriculture. Born here as the son of the headman, I was the first to study abroad. I reinvest my knowledge as an architect into the urgently needed infrastructure in my home village. Today, in the age of globalisation and computers, the trees and the hangars - those traditional meeting places, where knowledge was passed from genera- tion to generation - are no longer able to supply all the answers. If it is to develop economically and continue to exist as a community, my vil- lage has to change. In order to change, Gando needs modern education, in addition to traditional knowldege. In 1998, I founded the association “Schulbausteine für Gando” to raise private money and government support to start the development projects in Gando. The architectural idea was inspired by the trees and hangars for the transfer of knowledge. Guided by principles of sustainable development, I stress the importance of clay as one of the main building materials. The Gando school project teaches the locals how to refine clay and local materials, and how dif- ferent construction techniques can further improve the performance. As part of the Gando project, the secondary school will provide the students with further skills and knowledge to profit from the change of a globalised time. DIÉBÉDO FRANCIS KÉRÉ 1 A building responding to local climate, economy and culture as the result Architectural idea inspired by tree and hangar as meeting place Traditional compound Agriculture for livelihood Tree as meeting place for knowledge transfer Implementation through participation Traditional hangar How far can traditional building structures... applied to modern education? Traditional hut Secondary school with passive ventilation system Gando, Burkina Faso