Global Holcim Awards finalist 2015

BIRD SMUGGLING ENCRO MENT ON NA Each year nearly 10,000 Birds are being smuggled in & out of Thailand. These birds of all sizes are taken from the wild merely for their exotic colors and tweeting sounds. Even if these birds are rescued by police officers, their lives remain in jeopardy. All birds retrieved from smugglers are kept in cages inside police stations as crime evidence. Not knowing how to take care of birds, police feeds them with dog or cat food—leading to extreme malnutrition and eventual death. Most birds do not survive police rescue. Natural environments are b agricultural landscape and h accommodate population g production. Human encroa disappearance of bird habit as well as migratory birds. T estate dream has been trans —nurturing 3 groups of bird and small bird as well as mi The protected species Red- whiskered Bulbuls, once commonly found throughout Thailand, are song bird recognized for their melodious calling sound and beautiful colors. Because of its melodic chirps, the birds are captured and caged as pets for human entertainment—highly popular for songbird contests in the southern region of Thailand; they now disappeared from the wild south. Most Red-whiskered Bulbuls are being smuggled from the north and northeast regions to join the gruesome chirping contests in the south. 1952, Concentrate around the old city walls Red-whiskered Bulbul 1989, New peripherical road,extension along main axes and the river Low Density of Population Medium Density of Population High Density of Population Chiang mai Bird Sanctuary Site 2000, The city extension urban sprawl PROTECTIVE WING 1 I 7 Big Wing Cafe Curing Barn Museum Hatchery Injured Night Bird Barn Injured Small Bird Barn Injured Raptor Barn Injured Water Bird Barn Wetland Viewing Platform Bird Rehab Center Main Info Center Bird viewing Tower Bridge Walkway Site A Learning Facilities and Home for Injured Birds Ethical Standard & Social Equity "BIRD SMUGGLING KILLS BIODIVERSITY" Bird smuggling kills biodiversity! Birds are taken from the wild merely for their exotic colors & tweeting sounds. Rescuing these birds means putting them in cages for 1-5 years as crime evidence. Most birds do not survive the trauma. CBS aims to familiarize people with the charm of nature's magnificent flying creatures and nurture the co-existent of human & birds for future generations. 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 1B 3B 4B 5B 2B PROTECTIVE WING BIRD SANCTUARY Chiang Mai,Thailand Rescued birds are typically caged for 1-5 years as evidence for smuggling lawsuits. Most birds die in confinement. Bird Sanctuary in Chiang Mai (Thailand) is designed as a bird haven —allowing these birds (ground birds, water birds and birds of prey) to fly in an integrated facility that resembles their natural habitat. There are two main sites that work together. Site A (Green Hotel site) is an educational facility and homes for permanently injured birds and Site B (Open ground estate) is the rehabilitation facility that nurture the rescued birds, preparing them for returning to nature. The architecture of Chiang Mai Bird Sanctuary (CBS) is crafted from agricultural wastes: palm oil bunches. This natural fiber (high in lignin content) functions beyond thermal and acoustic insulation for the building but it also serves as bird habitat and food source for all birds on and around the site.