Global Holcim Awards finalist 2015

Wetland viewing platform is the pioneering structure in the re-habilitation effort. The existing expansive pond once dug up for the failed real estate development is much too deep and has overly steep bank for bird habitation. To attract aquatic birds to the site, reshaping the edges of the bank for gradual slopes and constructing floating wetland for nestling as well as providing vegetation for food supplies will be the cornerstone for the initial phase of Chiang Mai Bird Sanctuary. The Wetland viewing platform will be constructed on the entrance route of the development for ease of access. It will be shielded by curve palm walls and roofs. The platform comprises of 3 different viewing levels: sunken, ground level and elevated level. The platform will rise up to allow water from the pond to connect with the drainage systems, so that water can be distributed throughout the site. A large sand dune is also integrated with the viewing platform to attract Blue-tailed bee-eater birds and information wall. Old police station is turned into the project main information center. It stands at the fulcrum of the site and wrapped with ecology skin made of palm bunches—but allowing peeping slits for both children and adults to peek through the soft skin while camouflaging human from birds. Being 3-meters above the ground also gives visitors an opportunity to see the panoramic view of the bird haven. Hanging on Steel Installation Order Preparation Installation Wetland Observation Section PROTECTIVE WING 3 I 7 Site B Adaptive Reuse: Inserting salvaged materials into existing barns help extending the useful life of the nearly 70-years old structure while providing visitors with a glimpse of history of the tobacco industry in Chiang Mai. ADAPTIVE REUSE, INSERTING SALVAGED MATERIALS INTO EXISTING BARNS TRANFORMING INTO LEARNING SPACE 1A 2A 3A Big Wing Cafe Curing Barn Museum Hatchery Existing Brick wall Reclaimed Wood Collected for over 20 years 200 cubic metres Steel Structure WETLAND VIEWING PLATFORM Site B MAIN INFO CENTER 1B 4B USD 1 MILLION • Old Police Station 256 sq.m. (Information Center) OBSERVING GROUND BIRDS HANGING ON STEEL Sunken Space • WETLAND VIEWING PLATFORM WATER BIRD VIEWING -1.00 M. SHALLOW-WATER HABITAT -0.20 M. DISTANT WATER BIRD VIEWING +2.00 M. ABOVE GROUND DISTANT BIRD VIEWING +0.80 M. ABOVE GROUND DISTANT BIRD VIEWING +2.00 M. ACCESS WALKWAY Connecting to Wetland INFORMATION CENTER OBSERVATION AREA Old Building Extrude : Tree direction Observation Extrude : Access Connection