Global Holcim Awards finalist 2015

Centerpiece of the site, the tower allows visitors to view birds from 16 meters above the ground. Bamboo and palm bunches wrap the tower to camouflage visitors from wildlife, to provide habitat for high flying birds while minimizing environmental impact through the use of natural, recyclable and recycled materials. Since the locals enjoy bird hunting as a pastime activity, meditation pods for monks (Kuti) are merged onto the design strategy. Thai fears karma. Having the presence of the saffron-colored roped monks spend time on site help reduce hunting and human encroachment. These Meditation Pods float above the abandoned 6-meter wide roads and are positioned next to the neighboring community. The integration of such a cultural and moral sensitivity helps raising spiritual richness among the local as well as subduing poachers from bird hunting. Preparation Installation Mock-up Bamboo Installation for Bird Viewing Tower & Meditation Pods Tower Observation Section PROTECTIVE WING 5 I 7 TURNING “OLD TOBACCO CURING BARNS INTO HOMES FOR INJURED BIRDS” Site A The planet needs our care. Birds that sustained permanent injuries such as missing a wing or leg or having broken beaks can never be released back to the wild. They will be cared for within the open areas surrounded by the old curing barns. These wounded birds can however provide valuable testimonial and insight for the visitors who may have never seen these creatures in real life. Despite being disabled, these birds’ reproductive systems are often healthy and can provide healthy off-springs for future reintroduction to the natural environment. Bird hospice and Library are integrated together to give these injured birds a permanent home and offer an unparalleled learning experience. ENCASING EXISTING BARNS WITH WEBNET 5A Barn for Injured Raptor 6A Injured Water Birds Barn Existing Concrete Structure Tranformed Landscape 1"x1" stainless Webnet Site B MEDITATION PODS Site B BIRD VIEWING TOWER 7B 3B Site A • Injured Raptor and 144 sq.m. Water Bird Barns 2017 PROTECTIVE BIRD HUNTING ECOLOGY SKIN