Foundation 23 - Re-materializing Construction

10 Opening keynote speech How can we utilize materials optimally – and reuse them sensibly? How can traditional ideas be combined with modern technologies? Lord Norman Foster, chairman and founder of Foster + Partners in London (UK), investigated these and other fundamental questions in his opening keynote speech. His answers were often surprising – and surprisingly simple. “Sustainability is inseparable from the process of recycling,” said the architect, presenting his project for Apple Campus 2 in Cali- fornia, USA, as supporting evidence. 24 buildings were already in place on the site. The buildings were demolished to make room for the new campus. The demolition rubble was recycled and used to Learning from history – building for the future The British star architect Lord Norman Foster is one of the shapers and pioneers of sustain- able construction. In his inspiring keynote speech, he pointed out approaches and ideas that are surprisingly simple – but require looking well beyond architectural issues. This huge solar farm in the Abu Dhabi desert can supply a population of several thousand people with electricity around the clock. “If you want to look far into the future, first look far into the past!” It looks like marble – but it’s polished concrete.