Foundation 23 - Re-materializing Construction

43 At the heart of the LafargeHolcim Forum are the four parallel workshops on selected aspects of the main topic. At the beginning of each workshop, experts present current projects and case studies from their research, which are then discussed by the group. The workshop topics are then developed further through brainstorming sessions, group work, thought experiments, or panel discussions. The workshops are conducted at a fixed location during two half-day sessions. The mobile session lasts a full day, during which the participants are taken on an excursion. The participants are free to choose which workshop they will attend. They are also allowed to switch from one event to the next – and this option was appreciated by the participants, because “Re-materializing construction” includes a great many stimulating aspects. So much material on material Changing paradigms: Materials for a world not yet built Page 44 Shifting the flows, pulling the strings: Stocks, flows, and their dynamics Page 46 From manual to digital and vice versa: Digitalization, labor, and construction Page 48 Catch 22: Material needs versus material impact Page 50