Foundation 23 - Re-materializing Construction

46 Shifting the flows, pulling the strings – Stocks, flows, and their dynamics Co-moderator Guillaume Habert is convinced that this need not necessarily be the case. “We see the built environment as an inter- face of the natural and social environments.” Cities, for example, are complex systems in which natural and human processes inter- act to create an environment. Presently, the construction industry tends to promote buildings and cities that minimize economic costs and environmental concerns. The green workshop aimed to change the direction of this thrust: “We will explore pathways for Maximum benefits for humankind and the environment Buildings offer protection, provide security, and generate income. Sociologist Thomas Gieryn stated: “Buildings do all that, and much more.” Today though our built environment is widely perceived as problem- atic: The construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure are typically resource intensive and pollute the environment with considerable emissions.