Foundation 23 - Re-materializing Construction

48 From manual to digital and vice versa – Digitalization, labor, and construction The co-moderators of this workshop, Philippe Block and Anna Heringer, come from very different backgrounds. “I’m excited to bring different research cultures together that typically would not interact with each other,” said Block: “I’m expecting that we might have much more in common that we think.” “We not only need to talk to each other but also to work together,” stated Anna Global know-how meets local material The negative effects of construction activities on the environment – including CO 2 emissions, waste genera- tion, resource depletion, and others – are well known. To improve the situation on all fronts, new approaches are urgently needed. Not just innovative technologies but above all a multidisciplinary approach. Solutions can no longer be general – the premise of this work- shop – but must be adapted to different economic, geographic, and political contexts.