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 2021 Re-materializing Housing Workshop
Contents Report
Selected Scholars
Nicolas Ayoub
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States
Nicolas Ayoub is an antidisciplinary designer, architect and strategist. Currently, he works at the Wikimedia Foundation, where he helps in community design experiences for Wikipedia and other wiki projects. Previously, he was a researcher in human-computer interaction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab’s City Science, where his research focused on the relationships between human behaviour and spatial configuration. Trained as an architect in Paris, Ayoub graduated with a master’s degree in design and technology from Harvard University, as a Dean’s Merit scholar and as a Sachs fellow.
Angela Bai
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Angela Bai campaigns for equitable and dignified spaces in a climate-positive world. As a Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge, she studied sustainable development projects in China and Tanzania, bringing her prior experience in extremophile ecology to an understanding of cities as diverse and resilient places. Her urban research has resulted in an upcoming publication, which will be edited by Reinier de Graaf. Currently, Bai serves as an organiser at the Los Angeles Eco-village and for the Sunrise Movement.
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