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 2021 Re-materializing Housing Workshop
Contents Report
Public Debates
Introduction by Tim Stonor
Chairman Tim Stonor welcomed the audience by first presenting the debates’ structure and methodology. As he explained, the goal of the debates was to bring a deeper understanding of what it means to ‘re-materialise’ housing, looking beyond specific projects or construction materials to ask why we build what we build, and, in doing so, to help new generations of architects and designers as they anticipate the future and better serve society.
Stonor went on by introducing the various experts who would be participating in the Public Debates, including: Dirk Hebel, dean of the Departmenf of Architecutre and professor of sustainable construction at the Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT), Anna Heringer, founder and director of Studio Anna Heringer, Stuart Smith, director of Arup Berlin, Johan Karlsson, managing director of BetterShelter, Carme Pinós, founder and director of Estudio Carme Pinós, and Brinda Somaya, principal architect and managing director of Somaya and Kalappa Constulants.
Concluding his introductory speech, Stoner invited the audience to consider the implications of each participant’s words, looking towards new possibilities and exciting changes for future building solutions in various global contexts.
 Chairman Tim Stonor during his introduction for the first edition of the Re-materializing Housing Public Debates
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