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 2021 Re-materializing Housing Workshop
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Public Debates
Keynote Presentations: First Block
Keynote Presentation – Dirk Hebel
Addressing the responsibility of the building industry for 50 percent of all primary energy and resource consumption, 40 percent of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions and 36 percent of solid waste by weight, Dirk Hebel began his keynote stating that, by designing linearly, designers and planners have been designing incorrectly.
On the contrary, he advocated for the application of five key points:
i. Dismantling permits that include plans on how to bring back materials
ii. Regulations that demand the reconstruction and reuse of existing buildings
iii. A tax reduction for secondary material streams
iv. Digital material registries for the future
v. New systems of evaluation based on circularity and sustainability
By asking themselves how to design in such a way that building materials can be reused later on, Hebel argued that designers can help future generations to live in dignity.
 Workshop Mentor Dirk
Hebel during his keynote at
the Norman Foster Foundation’s Re-materializing Housing Public Debates
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