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 2021 Re-materializing Housing Workshop
Contents Report
Norman Foster Foundation
Education + Research Programme
The Norman Foster Foundation is a research centre with a strong commitment to education rooted in Norman Foster’s own passion for teaching in his early years of practice, when he taught at London’s Architectural Association (AA), the Regent Street Polytechnic and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Architecture. Since then, he has continued to regularly lecture around the world.
Through its research initiatives and programmes, the Norman Foster Foundation encourages the transfer of advanced knowledge in a wide range of design fields. The Foundation’s educational initiatives are structured around research, seminars, fellowships and forums around the Foundation’s core objectives.
This Workshop was organised by the following Units of the Norman Foster Foundation:
Archive and Library Units
James Jago Alicia Valdivieso
Education + Research Unit
Irene Martín
Ryan Miller
Molly Jean Muench Diego Tobalina
Communication Unit
Santiago Riveiro, Head Ainara Guerra
Architecture, Design and Technology Unit
Alberto Cendoya Diego López
Modelmaking Unit
Palmira Carnero Natalia Olivera
Exhibitions Unit
Esperanza Pino
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