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 2021 Re-materializing Housing Workshop
Contents Report
Working Sessions
Monday to Thursday, 5 - 18 November 2021
With just a couple of days dedicated to their projects, the working sessions began on Monday with a brief overview by Workshop Mentor Dirk Hebel that familiarised the scholars with the objectives of their work, to be presented before a jury on the final day of the Workshop.
Divided into groups of three, the scholars’ initial discussions focused on the various aspects that would drive the narrative of each projects’ development, ultimately manifested as three different types of interventions set in three different contexts: a courtyard building in Mumbai, India; a factory building in San Francisco, Argentina; and a concrete high-rise in Boston, MA, United States.
The working sessions encouraged the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the scholars, and included valuable input from the Workshop’s dedicated Mentor and its Academic Body members, making use of the information and knowledge shared during their seminars and the Public Debates as well.
Group 1
Angela Bai, Sebastian Hitchcock and Dev Desai
Group 2
Ophélie Férédie, Germán Ferradas and Elao Martin
Group 3
Nicolas Ayoub, Aarti Dhingra, Claudia Eugenin and Kiley Feickert
 Scholars Ophélie Férédie, Germán Ferradas and Elao Martin during
a working session at the Norman Foster Foundation’s Research Unit
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