Norman Foster Foundation Cities: Affordable Housing Workshop 2022

Page 30 Tatiana Bilbao during her seminar, ‘The House as a Social Care Act’ Tatiana Bilbao opened her seminar stating that the importance of architecture lies in that it is the provider of a primary form of care and it shapes the way humans live. Bilbao’s main interest has always been the domestic environment as it is the most essential unit of human existence. Bilbao explained how, at least her generation, never thought of the city as a project. According to her, the most spread idea was that the city was shaped by ‘abstract or organic forces’ that are in reality ‘market forces’. Within this context, Bilbao explained how those forces are determining who lives in what territory and are therefore expelling the majority of the population out of the cities. Presenting the different model of cities that have shaped the way of living in every decade, Bilbao concluded that nowadays we live in a society shaped by consumerism, designed for humans to be as productive as possible. In that city, the house was merely a place to rest and where people depended on the infrastructure surrounding it to exist. This model has been replicated massively founded in the thought that it covered all human necessities. Bilbao exposed that housing is a Human Right that was declared by the United Nations in 1947 and that in Mexico it is a Constitutional Right. To this end, Bilbao explained that in the law they have a definition of what is a house with minimums that, because of the market, have become maximums. One of the main problems Bilbao pointed out is that the idyllic ‘dream house’ created in the United States has now become a desire for everyone that is impossible to fulfil. Bilbao proposed a new model called the city of care that puts in the centre the notions of reproductive labour, affective relations and the feminist struggle; an architectural revolution that starts with the understanding of housework, community and that respects the different ways of living. The House as a Social Care Act Tatiana Bilbao 2022 Cities: Affordable Housing Workshop Contents Report