Norman Foster Foundation Cities: Affordable Housing Workshop 2022

Page 56 The group explored the possibilities of diversifying the use of a zone underused in the centre of the city that is Theresienwiese, that is a forty hectares undeveloped land used only during two weeks for the Oktoberfest. This land is very close to the centre and central station and could be a great opportunity to develop a hybrid model of housing buildings that allowed its use during those two weeks for the traditional parties without leaving the land underused for the rest of the year in a city that needs a lot of housing projects. On the ground floor the program included many services and flexible uses that could be interchangeable for when the Oktoberfest was in place and an intervention to regrow nature in the land that had been cover by concrete for years, bringing back nature to coexist with the housing developments and to improve community building in the area. Exploring the architectural solutions that might work in this area, the group decided to include on the first floor of the housing buildings a buffer zone to distance the public and private programs and a modular project to let the users participate in the design of their houses. Group 1 - Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany Marcus Ming Fricke, Leticia Izquierdo and Maria Papadimitraki Maria Papadimitraki and Leticia Izquierdo during their group’s presentation on Theresienwiese, Munich Germany 2022 Cities: Affordable Housing Workshop Contents Report