Norman Foster Foundation Cities: Affordable Housing Workshop 2022

Page 57 Exploring different participatory and urbanistic solutions, the group decided to propose the ‘East Garfield Park Community Land Trust’ on the west side of Chicago in a neighbourhood where 43% of the population lives below the poverty line and the crime is nice hundred times the national average. This fund will tackle housing development and home ownership, street community life and economic development through the intervention in vacant lots and maximizing the opportunities of the neighbourhood. The project started from the reference of Vienna on public-private partnerships and place sensitivity broad up by Tatiana Bilbao. The land trust would be funded by a 2 percent tax on the cultural centre and the property owners, not affecting the actual people that live there because most of them are renters. With that fund they would start a model divided in three stages for developing the neighbourhood. These stages were first building of community spaces, second residential and small scale commercial and third moving to home ownership and large scale commercial starting with the pre-existing community fabric. Phase cero would be building the basic infrastructure needed to create a safe and positive environment. Group 2 - East Garfield Park, Chicago, United States Shannon Hui, Keiron Curn de Nobriga and Michael Zajakowski Michael Zajakowski during his group’s presentation on their transformation of East Garfield Park neighbourhood in Chicago, United States 2022 Cities: Affordable Housing Workshop Contents Report